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June 12, 2007



There's no way that's all you left the Rose Bowl with! Spill it -- what else didja get? LOL!


what else did you get?!?! Love the bottles - I just found some too...


Okay, we have A LOT in common... kind of! lol
1st... I was supposed to go to the Rose Bowl flea market this week, but couldn't at the last minute. I'm beyond jealous that you got to go!
2nd... We took the kids to Paradise Cove on Saturday morning/afternoon for some beach fun, but it was soooo cold we left early.
3rd... Sprinkles is practically my fav spot on this earth! The red velvet and B&Ws are my fav. In fact, I even posted about their mixes on my blog awhile ago!

Again, not exactly parallel lives, but kind of similar!

Prairie Home-Sherry

You are too funny...but I'm right with you girl!
We need to meet up and maybe go to the Irvine's flea market.I heard good things so far!
Chit-Chat soon....


You girls are way too cute. I wanna join the cute girls club. I'm working on the cuteness factor!

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

Oh this sounds SO familiar!!!!


Sounds like so much fun. I've never been to the rose bowl, but I know what you mean. Can't stop until the whole market is COVERED.


I am sooo envious! It has been 15 years sence I have been to the Rose Bowl Flea Mkt. Use to live in Pasadena, now in Oregon yuk.Love your goodies! Im a sucker for buttons. cant wait to see what you do with the bottles! Laurie


Ya'll look like you're having a ton of fun! :)

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