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July 11, 2007



Such a prettily composed photo! A friend of mine once told me about the miracle of flight that is the bumblebee and I've appreciated them much more since then.

Gypsy Purple

This is lovely and I love the styling for this are getting better and better at this!!!

Prairie Home-Sherry

Fabulous! I figured out the color design....


I want one, but a mix of the queen bee and the relax necklace! Are you ready to make another one?


Your photo is as beautiful as the jewlery that you create! Laurie


What a beautiful honeycomb. Loving your jewels!!


Angie Seaman

Hey girl. Where can we find the bracelet? I want to buy one. Email me back and let me know. OK? Thanks a million!


ok girlie
i've been stalking this blog, lookin for some treasures...
wink wink


I think the wasp's nest is beautiful too.. just not when there's wasps in it!


You are so darn creative, who would have ever thought of a bees nest as a door hanger!! I love it mixed in with your jewels, gorgeous picture.

Raised In Cotton

Love your picture!!!! Just perfect (as always)


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