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July 18, 2007



Love the rack and LOVE the door/desk! Can't wait to see it finished.


LOVE that door. I'm hoping to do something like that for a dining room table someday. :) I need to find a barn sale around here. Would've never guessed you could find a cool lamp like that in a barn. :)


Love what you did with that. Very Clever, I have so many Mags. going all the time I would need many. Love the Door used for your desk top, Beautiful. Jamie


Love the long stinny tool bin!!! Looking pretty spiffy on that desk! When I used to have a store, I had doors for the cash wrap counters. That was a blast!


Love the lamp! The handled box is so precious...I have a couple myself, One is green and in my kitchen to hold my fruits! Love it! I'm going to miss Sherries show again! Have a Lovely Day!


What a great idea for a mag rack! I just love your style. :o)
I haven't been "treasure hunting" much in a while and I really miss it.


great find, and great use too! definately big enough to hold all your latest treasured mags - i have them piled everywhere! i'll keep my eye out, thanks for the inspiration. xo

Raised In Cotton

Hi Tracy,

Love your metal tool box, perfect for your desk. The door/desk is wonderful too, just curious what did you use as legs? I have done something similar with saw horses but did not think about putting skirting around the base. You go fabulous girl!!!!!

Smiles :)

Prairie Home-Sherry

You know how to show it Girl!
Thanks for the spot on you post! Hope to see you next week!


Love what you did with the tote and the vintage door. Like Carol, I am curious about the legs you used for your desk. Right now, I have a similar desk done with a door found on the side of the road (although not as cool as yours). I'm using metal A-frame legs normally used for flea market set-ups, but it takes too much valuable storage space underneath the table.


I love your desk and the caddy is SO great! What a glamorous office!!



Tracy, I'm lovin your style. Glad I found your blog-and I BET Heather's "tea" shirt looks fabulous on you!! (I saw your comment!) Ok, now I'm of to browse your lovely blog! xo Tara

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