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August 22, 2007


Sarah / MMDesigns

Beautiful! I, too, suffered from many cases of Kindergarten Bangs. Maybe because Mum used the blunt kitchen scissors on me?


I love how you are such a wonderful source of information - all KINDS of information. Thanks for sharing... Love your art creations too!! LindaSonia (


hey babe!
just popped your queen bee etsy listing over to one of my best buds.
they affectionately refer to their oldest child as queen bee.
lmk if a "new customer" grabs it up...
would that mean i could get a commission?


I love this!!! Where were you when we went through our kindergarten bangs!!! lol Thanks for all your tips, I am looking forward to much more!!!


Ahhh the Kindergarten Bangs... I think I'd rather see them too short than too thick. Ugh! I've seen some poor kids with that triangle starting way back on their head and then it's just all bangs!

Great tutorial!

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is it cute?
and i'll probably curl it everyday like that, but i was wondering how someone with side bangs (me) (they come down to the bottom of my ear, so a little shorter than my chin) could curl it like hers is. should i just curl the layers or what?
help! :)

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ok so im kinda confused about putting on makeup...i know the order you do it in and everything but when you apply moisturizer do you have to get a certain kind so that it doesnt get sticky or anything like that ??

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I have never had bangs. Will it be too much work to prevent hair from parting (mine is super straight)? Thank you.

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Wow! It's beautiful.... So Sweet. She is really looking so cute. Nice hair style. Thanks very much!

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That's my kind of blonde hair,not to gold but with a mixture of black.

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