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September 27, 2007


oh my God!! I just remember when I worked in a nail salon as a receptionist when I was in College, women would swear by NAILTIQUE, it was the same concept, I am not sure if they still make it. But I know OPI is a good product. My nails are short all the time, I am always in water, so no tips for me!!

Take care

jessi nagy

i hear ya sister. i just can't do the nail thing any more. my hands don't look the greatest. but my craft room is sure glorious lol. i love nail envy too. thanks for sharing.
jessi nagy


i gave up on painted nails a long time ago, but i always have my toes painted. hmmm, glow-in-th-dark, how fun! thanks!


I used to put my own nails on and then had to stop, because it made my real nails so thin, they actually hurt. Sounds like this is the answer. Thanks for your tip. Maybe I can have nice nails again.



Oh, Im right there with the Nail Sadness. I had Acrylic for years and took them off because I could make Jewelry with them. My Nail Person got me hooked on Nailtique. I swear By it and it Helped my Sad Nails Recover..

Raised In Cotton

I am a recovering acrylic nail girl too. They outlawed them at my big girl Nursing job a few years ago. I had to try and learn how to grow my nails out which is a constant battle for me! I love OPI polish and will look for Nail Envy. I just love your beauty secret posts!!!!



Thanks for this great tip. I have one nail that likes to split and have never found the cure...going to try this product! Lauri


Haha!! That is so true that they are extremely flamable!

I have mentioned before that I'm a licensed nail tech, but I had to give up wearing them because of beading. I just can't work well creating jewelry while wearing them. (They do look soooo pretty though... *sigh*)

And OPI is the best polish around. My all time favorite color is Cajun Shrimp.


Thanks for the tip! I'm off to the salon tomorrow to pick up one of those yummy new colors!


Oooh! I'm scared to death of those things... I have an icky, icky acrylic story. My mom had them put on and woke up in the middle of the night about a week later with burning underneath her nail beds. I don't even want to tell you the mess that was there when she finally got them off. Poor Mom. She was allergic. OMG. AGGGHHHCCCHHH!
So, as beautiful and lovely as I want to look, it's not happening. I'm convinced that the same thing will happen to me... but the colors DO look delicious! And isn't that new gray beautiful. It's a slate gray with blue. Totally great on most people.

suzi finer

Yes, I'm going dark blue next time 'round!


great tip ( excuse the pun!) HA!
i will try that formula for my pitiful nails.
love my house charm!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I have been Strawberry Margarita all summer, maybe I need to move to Vodka & Caviar for the winter.
No acrylics for me~ I don't have the patience!


I'm pretty sure that is good to use. Thank you so much for sharing the tips. Keep it up!!

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