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May 04, 2008



Great job on the lamp shade...its beautiful!! I personally like it without the lace on the outside (I do like it on the inside though). Of course it wouldn't look bad either way that would just be my preference :o)


i love that shade - and you did it without a sewing machine which means i could do that project! (can't sew) i personally like it without the lace. thanks for the inspiration!


Uh-oh! I like it with the trim, although it looks great without it, as well. You make it look easy, but I know measuring correctly was not that easy. We creative types don't like this part!


I also prefer it without! The lamp has real clean lines and the lace just doesn't tie in. It really turned out Beautiful. Great Job


Love the shade! The lace on the inside is a great idea, one I'll use the next time I make one. I would not put the lace on the outside. I think it's perfect as is and so creative.


Love the shade! The lace on the inside is a great idea, one I'll use the next time I make one. I would not put the lace on the outside. I think it's perfect as is and so creative.

Vicki Page

I like the lace on the top possibly you could turn the lace on the bottom so it hangs down and not up. You did a wonderful job on the lampshade very cool!


gorgeous!! I like it withOUT the lace on the outside. :)


Definitely needs the trim to make it look complete and polished! Thanks for motivating me to cover a lampshade!!

Teresa ~ French Poppy

Love it girl!! Okay so about the lace, here is my speculation - with the lace it looks more Urban Prairie - Junk Gypsyish look, without it -it's more just urban. You probably could guess which way I like it better. :)



I'm very impressed, and I prefer the lampshade with the lace. Gives it a finished look.


you are too much there anything you can't do?
like, are all your closets clean?
are you the 2nd grade room mom too?
lovin the shade. love all the amy b with sisboom fabs too.
i think i prefer it without the lace on the outside.
you rock


I love the shade....although I don't think that the lace that you show matches too well with the fabrics. What I think would look really cute is black pom pom fringe. I've added that stuff to many of my curtains in my house. It adds a "fun" feeling to the project if this is what you're after.

Joy*The Vintage Rabbit

Love it Tracey! I like either or!!! That doesn't help...does it!! lol... If it was in my house I would add pompom fringe!! (orange or bright pink...) But it's perfect just the way it is!! You did a Great job!


No lace. It's perfect!


I agree with Teresa, it is so cute both ways, what type of look are you going for?
For me I would add the lace, but I am more of a shabby, junk gypsey girl.

Heather know me...the more the better! I say add the lace! LOVE IT! The lace adds another texture!


Thanks for the inspiration !!! I have a few old lampshades in the attic and I come across them at times for next to nothing,usually because they are headed for the rubbish bin.Now I can give them new life :) I can use them or maybe sale them at a future sale along with a lamp or two that I can create from T2T. YIPPY !! I love to recycle :)

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