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April 23, 2007



LOVE IT !!!!You are so talented!!!
You are now on my blog list...


This piece is amazing! You did a fantastic job! It would look fabulous in any home... :)

Raised In Cotton

Just beautiful, makes my heart smile :) I sold soldered glasses pieces a few years ago on eBay and at local fairs and I truly understand how much work goes into such lovelies such as yours!

Are you sure you are not my long lost little sister that I always wanted :)

Here is a toast to your new Home Decor Line!!!!!


Carol :)

T Sheeley

What? What happened? It sold already!!'s not on Ebay anymore :(
Wonderful job!! It looks spectacular.

Helle Greer

You did a FANTASTIC job on that piece, and it sold already. Love the necklace on ebay too.
How did the party go this weekend?

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