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July 26, 2007



The best fitting jeans I own are from Forth & Towne, a Gap company. They are a curvy fit with a little stretch to them. So comfy and flattering. Of course, Gap closed all its F&T stores in June, so once these wear out, I'm outta luck.

Have you checked out the site?


Buying jeans is the worst thing to shop for. I no longer have a favourite pair. Looking forward to reading the comments on this one!

erin ~tvp

That is so true! I have about 10 pairs but I only wear one! They're Gap, I loved my Levi's that finally just fell apart all together. I can't find that style anywhere anymore :(




girl.. i am so there with you. I have a huge pile in my closet. my favs are my Lucky's. LOVE 'em. and so comfy. Kinda pricey though.. BUT.. i did see some Lucky Brand at Costco for $40 the other day!!! I was still preg then tho. LOL! I may have to head back this week. lol.


I'm with you on the fish rather than shopping for jeans. Ugh.

My very favourite pair of all time is from Lands' End. Yup. They are fabulous and a great price, too. Plus, they're whole 'guaranteed period' return policy makes shopping a breeze.

Go to and see what you can find....

Good luck!



Amen, sistah!


I Agree, I am still Laughing about Millers Outpost! I used to love to shop there in Jr. High and High School. I have many pair also and still always wear my Mavi- from Anthropologie that I got about 7 years ago. Now they are too big but I just love the style and fit. I will NOT pay the prices for Jeans either.. It is hard for me to think about putting any on now anyway. I must say though, when you find a pair that fit and feel good you should buy them, they are few and far between. Jamie


I totally agree on everything you said! So I did some investigating and found a brand I really love! Old Navy's Long and Lean brand. I am lucky enough to find them on Ebay for a song! Try them you will love them! Lisa


Hey Tracy, my NEW favorite jeans are The Sweetheart Fit at Old Navy. They are super comfy like a pair of old levi's...

Toni :D


The simplest solution would be a great skirt! Maybe cuz it is the only thing that fits my tiny waist and BIG butt. Hey, maybe I should get those Apple Bottom jeans>


hey babe, we could work out a trade!
btw, i am waiting patiently for me some junk2jewels goodies!!
did you sell all the flower vase tags on etsy? i know they are no longer listed & i couldn't tell if they were sold or just removed.

Strange Bird

First comment here, hooray! I just wanted to pop in and tell you, first of all, that I love your work! Secondly, Guess still sells their pants by waist size - it makes jean shopping a bit easier. Good luck with the denim hunting!


I always buy men's 501's. They fit so much better for me, and I am short so I can get a 30 length that way! :) Good luck! I am pretty happy with Old Navy jeans right now.


sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Amen~ and then some!

I have just stumbled into your blog. I love it like a pair of well worn jeans. I'll be back again and again!

Renee Kyweriga

Love the gap jeans especially when I find them on the clearance rack, you should check the website they were having a huge sale. Super comfy!



I just had a recent terrible experience with my most expensive pair of now I have ONE pair I like and one other pair....I need SOME NEW JEANS! LOL

I gave you a "Creative Blogger" award...check it out on my blog!

Love ya!

Helle Greer

Love your pictures, the frames are just AWesoME...
I just got a new pair of jeans from TARGET, and the fit, almost, he he
Jeans are no fun to shop for.


i just took my 12 yr. old school shopping and she got so frustrated after trying on a stack of jeans, and i thought... here we go, the begining of a love/hate realtionship with all things jeans! poor thing.
my fave was the old 501 too! i did find a good levi at target for cheap, not my fave, but worth having! they were actually featured on the today show.
great post by the way, thanks! xo

Carrie S.

I can totally relate to this! My best fitting, favorite jeans are Levi's 577, which are no longer available in stores. I have to buy them on eBay! I kid you not, but it works - try it for your old favs.

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I can relate with you! honestly I am a jeans addict. I love collecting different kinds of jeans. But I have my favorite one. Thanks for the post.


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