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August 17, 2007



Love your blog...suggestion for the cupcakes. Take two or three different size glass cake stands and stack them on top of one another. Or take, plates with candle sticks and stack those. Lovely....have a FUN party.


Happy Birthday to Sissy girl! It's too bad they didn't have the matching kids one because that bike is fabulous!! I don't even ride a bike. teehee.
I'm sure she'll still love her new bike though. :o)


Shut up... I love that bike and all the party thingies. I want to come, it's gonna be fantastic and Joe just want to go to Chucky Cheese. How am I supposed to out do you when I'm hanging out with the big mouse?

erin~ tvp

I bought a cupcake tree from Michael's for about $20 and have used it TONS and friends have even borrowed it! Sounds like a fun party :)


Sounds like a fun party! Love the bikes -- they are both so cool!


oh what fun!
the bike...
the books...
pink donut boxes....
YOU are too much fun

have a wonderful weekend


I love tag books, how fun!!!


Sounds like a wonderful party!!
I would loooove to know where you found pink donut boxes if you would like to share!
I recently found your etsy shop, and now your flickr and blog! I love your work!

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