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August 03, 2007



I love eyebrows! Can't wait for your info! Have A Happy Weekend!


well, we knew you were a beauty, but who knew you were the go to girl for beauty tips ~ can't wait to learn more. the photo is priceless! xo


Haha!! You crack me up!

I'm a licensed nail tech too and it just kills me that my nails always look so icky! But I gave up on them when I started creating jewelry, and the jewelry is far more satisfying than pretty nails. ;-)


well how fun are you!!
always up for some tips to make this ole' mom of four look a little younger, cute, more hip....well, at least try huh?!


What a beautiful blog you have Tracy!!! Just love your jewels!!! Love how you decorate too. I'll be back. May I link you on my blog?



I relly need help with my eyebrows so I can't wait! Another reason to love your blog. :o)

dede warren

you could make some serious money if you could spruce my brows! now there's a business venture for someone NOT faint of heart!


Prairie Home

Tracey... "Get Out"!
I was in the beauty business for 20 years...yes.. I was a make-up artist licenced Esthectician then went back to school to my hair licence. 20 years in the bus.
I knew we had more common!
Those fun Salon Days!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I can't wait... I'll be back to check the eyebrow rules.
In the mean time, I have tagged you with a unique challenge. Come by and check it out. It'll be fun~ I promise.


what a FANTASTIC vintage photo!!


Great post~LOVE the vintage photo!

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