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October 04, 2007



What lucky friends ;-) ....and, what a beautiful presentation.....very clever !!


MMM what a yummy basket. I think I'll send some gifts out. What a nice blog!

Raised In Cotton

Lucky, Lucky friends:)I expect to see you on QVC one day with your own Beauty line:)


Carolyn Peeler

you did a beautiful job in styling these gift baskets.

Happy Fall!



Thank you so much for my tub of goodies, you had no idea what I was going through this morning, then here you are come along with this basket sure made my day! The pumpkin papaya face mask is wonderful, I didnt know whether to eat it or put it on my face! lol My face is tingling right now as I type this around 9ish, might say I'm feeling pretty good. Does a facial and neck massage goes with the tub of basket! hehehhe, anyhow thank you for thinking of me, got your back next time!!! see you tomorrow with my beautiful face that light up your morning everyday!!!!


Ooohhh! Thanks for the recipe. I gotta try that.

Sandi Henderson

Ooh, we're friends right? I'll wait for you to show up on my door.



what a yummy gift tin!
do you ever sleep girl?
thanks for the face mask recipe too!

dede warren

Ok my beauty guru! I guess I am gonna have to break out the maxmaster 2000 and whip a bit of this up. your last recommendation on the OPI was dead on. I got a bottle earlier this week, and I will be one finely coiffed diva soon!!

Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

I just found your blog and am so excited! I love homemade recipes for pampering ME!!!!
Mmmm pumpkin is my favorite smell this time of year too!
I just made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that are too die for yummy!

Thanks for the recipe!
Hugz, Dolly
P.S. love the white skirt! :-)


What lucky friends you have. This is such a thoughtful wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing the facial recipe I am going to give it a try. Where did you get the honey shea body butter?


Strange Bird

Wow, this is so lovely!

I know what you mean about fall - it just makes one feel so productive and generous and wonderful. I bet you are everyone's favorite friend, lately!

And thank you for posting this wonderful recipe! I love trying new concoctions on my skin, and this one is just so autumnal - I can't wait to mix up a batch.



OOOH, ooooh- Can we be your friends???!!! We want someone to make such fabulous gifts for us! Love the special touches and arrangement! Wonderful work...we are off to buy pumpkin and papaya...
kari & kijsa


Another great tip!! Cant wait to make it and share it! Still havent been able to find the nail fixer. Laurie


Finally, now I can email you! I absolutely LOVE the fall gifts you put together for me. The facial cream is literally good enough to eat. You are always so thoughful. Thanks for thinking of me!!


lovely gifts! Where on earth did you find the galvanized tubs?! Cute!

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