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October 08, 2007



Love it! What a great idea! I am not a fan of school pics either!!!


Great storyboard! I'm sure it'll be a huge hit.


Love the pics. What a stud Rob is!! He may just have a career as a musician, model or both. Great job T!! Can't wait to see the storyboard. Why don't you offer others a storyboard of their kids? Send the pics to you, tweak em', add the T touch and Whala...instant memories!

Helle Greer

Great shots and what a dude!!! so handsome.
love the storyboard, I agree on the school photos, this year our school tried a new company, where the kids got to choose how they wanted to pose, so I can't wait to get them back and see what Stefan did.
He said he did the peace sign, but I'll see it before I believe it.
Take care,


That was a duh moment.LOL I checked on line...JCPenny salon carries the OPI who would have thought! Thank for getting back to me! Laurie


Sooo much better than school pictures! (and this comment is from a Grandma) If he shows these at school they may be calling you to do the school pics next year.


get out!
those are fabulous. ok, spill the did you do that?!

yes, i too am a confessed school picture snob. i figure i take 100's of pics each year that are much more flattering, so why bother. & yes my mother in law would prefer those things any day over one of my own....what's with that huh?

cutiepie boy ya got there too!

Raised In Cotton

What a perfect family! Love those guitar dude pictures, he is too cute. I nominated your blog for an award today~You Make Me Smile:)




the pics are super fun, and you clearly captured personality better than any darned school photo could. I, too, loathe school photos, and only buy them for the grandparents and the class photo. Last year I did a similar thing with photos I TOOK of my girls for them to hand to their pals...much more fun, I agree!


Great pics and much better than the standard school photos! That background for the storyboard and the aged effect on the photos is so cool! Do you use a particular photo program with those elements? I've been looking for something to jazz up my photos more than the usual soft edge and border. Have a lovely evening!

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