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October 16, 2007



Absolutely WOW!! I love everything. You are very clever and talented!

shari devoogd

It is so nice to see your clothes again!! You do AMAZING work!!


dede warren

these are great tracy!!! your talent is neverending!! bravo


Oh my goodness, your work is AMAZING. How beautiful! I could wear some of those little one's outfits. Now here is a silly question - Is a horse shoe open at the bottom bad luck? I was once told to always keep the open ends pointed up, or all the luck falls out. I know, I know, a bit supersticious, but... I can use some luck these days!


these are just gorgeous!!! so inspiring...I really do need to learn how to sew one of these days!


Can't wait to see the fleur and the chandelier designs!!


Your designs are so beautiful! Wish my baby girl was still a baby to wear that 'lil dress and headband! :)



so much talent in one is so unfair! ha!
love the rosettes & the wrap on your cutiepie!
ps- sent you an email through etsy--i LOVE LOVE LOVE my vintage glass bottle jewelry-so cool!

suzi finer

Impressive! I love it all.

Michelle ~ Couture*4*My*Cutie

Those sets are so adorable! I would love to own any one of them! Great work!


Michelle ~ Couture*4*My*Cutie

Those sets are so adorable! I would love to own any one of them! Great work!



I love these! Wow, you are just so talented!


those outfits are too cute!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

You have such talent... the clothes are fabulous too!
Your models are great~ was the day as fun as it looks?



Please make more for we grown-ups!

Turn your horseshoe open side UP, so your luck does not run out!

I learned this lesson at The Red Mile during Grand Circuit Week ages ago, when my parking sticker, a horseshoe, was placed on my car with the open shoe facing down. Lost my favorite watch and and my trotter lost an stakes race by a split second.

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