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October 27, 2007



Gotta love the style of that girl!! Awsome...and OH what a cutie!!!


Those are CRAZY cute! How fun!! :) She's such a cutie and I love her sense of style. :) Also lovin' the new bio photo.


Oh, Just Wait!!!! Mine is 12 going on 25, your Fun is to come. I must say, shhh dont tell her but I am Enjoying her more and more as she get older. Not only my daughter but a Truely Dear Friend. If she heard that I would be in big Trouble..

jessi nagy

omg! so funny!!! she's a cutie. watch out.
they grow up so fast, my baby will be 16 next weekend, ouch. time flies.
jessi nagy


what a cutiepatootie!
love the chair too!
hope things are getting back to normal out there.


Oh, la, la! America's next Top Model!


Awwwww! What a sweetie!


oh Hanna Montana Here I come ! "nobody's perfect I got to work it, again and again till I get it right"

Kimberly Kwan

Oh man!
She and my little tween wanna-be woudl get along FAMOUSLY!
They are in SUCH a big hurry to grow up!

Helle Greer

You are in for TROUBLE!!! LOL
She is so cute, and oh do I remember that stage, he he Enjoy every minute.


I loooooove these!! Where did you get that chair? I LOVE THAT!! Please email me and let me know where you scored that....hopefully it is at a chain store?? Probably at some rockin antique store you have around there.


shes so cute.iv got a daughter{step}looks like her.shes 13 but goes out lookin bout 20 she n her cute mates r hot.ssshh

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