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April 03, 2008


Lindsey Frankus

I am visiting your site for the first time, and let me just say...I love it! Especially love how you chose to use "Glamed Up Country" to describe your style. Absolutley Awesome!



Girl, you are a rockstar! That is AWESOME! I am totally going to B&N and grabbing a copy!


Prairie Home-Sherry

WOW Girlie....You are FAMOUS & FABULOUS!!!!!
Seriously...You are at the Top on my list!!!!

Heidi Woodruff

Yes! I *love* this magazine! And your bottles are gorgeous! I didn't see your watches (or didn't know they were yours...) I'll go back and take a second look now! Congrats for making the magazine, it's wonderful!


I loved the bottles and the watches. This issue was exceptional.Congratulations. Come for a visit.

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

I loved this issue of Somerset Magazine! So many wonderful and talented artisans were featured. Congrats on your watch feature!



So glad to find your blog:) I live in Riverside too!
Your bottles are amazing! You have inspired me to spruce up some old glass bottles I've had for years!

a brush with color

I love your blog and artsy projects. As someone who sews and loves to make jewelry and things, I really enjoyed reading what you're doing. I have no idea how I stumbled on your work, but it's charming. Good luck with your office re-do! I'll have to watch as the canopy thingie and lamps take shape! sweet!

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