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June 19, 2008



Oh, Please put this class online! I would just LoVe to learn how to solder! Thank you, ThAnK YoU, THANK You!


I vote for online! I'm taking Sally Jeans class in October and would love attending one of your classes!


if the class is in OC I would love to attend.


I would love it if you would put the soldering class online! I've never been quick enough to be able to buy one of your bottles or even a topper so guess I need to learn how to make my own!


Oh my goodness. Yes!! Love to have an online class! Laurie


ok, so i'm not even going to say my " i check your blog everyday & still manage to miss your hot off the line products"!!
online class....i am totally interested

Kim Caldwell

Your bottles are gorgeous (and SOLD)- missed it again. Looking forward to hearing about your classes!


Oh, Put me Down! That is what I need, someone to Teach me!! Love the Bottles and missed them too.. Sick in bed all week.. Have a great weekend, Jamie


I would love an online class as well!!


sharon simons

I would love to take your online class! Keep me posted.

love janet


i am in los angeles, california.
so depending on location, i could attend.

but please, before my due date in september! lol!

love, janet


Wow!! I would love to take an online soldering class... Your bottles are beautiful.


I'd LOVE to take your online class!! So sorry that I also missed out on your recent collection of Bottles on Etsy.

Hope you're having a "hoppy" weekend ~



These bottles are fabulous and I would love an online class on how to make these beautiful things..... a beginner class would be perfect

penny nelson

Oh, yes I would love to learn how to make one of your lovely bottles. I live out in the middle of nowhere - Montana - and don't often get an opportunity to take classes like this. Thanks


I'd love an online class! Bottle toppers and glass slide charms as well!! I'm in socal as I think you are too- so I'd most likely attend if it were on location.


I would love to take the class online, I have all the stuff to learn to solder:) I have tried before and just can't do it:) please let me know if you decide online okay

Paula Lyon

If this class is online...count me in! I am so excited. Paula


A class would be cool! I do a lot of soldering myself for my shop( but it would be fun to make a cool bottle like yours for my mantel. I wouldn't mind helping with the class also. I've been soldering for about 2 years now.

Gloria York

Would love to take an online class - I just started soldering and need some pointers. I just love, love your bottles and I managed to get one, but would love to have more for my mantle.


YES, oh yes! I would LOVE to be part of an online class....have wanted to learn to solder forEVER.
I really love your bottles!

Kelly Evans

Yes, I would love to take your class! Your bottles are so beautiful! Your designs are very inspiring.


I would LOVE to take your class although it would have to be online! Oh, I SO hope you offer it online!


I would LOVE to take your class although it would have to be online! Oh, I SO hope you offer it online!

Judy Truex

Oh Please - an online class would be wonderful. I adore your things.

Judy Truex

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