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July 29, 2008



I saw this very tragic news on the tv last week. Another flickr and blogging friend belongs to your church and her husband works there too. So very, very sad for the whole family and especially his wife and baby girl. Jamie


I am new to your site, very nice btw,
and was touched that you linked to this site. Our world needs to here this message, how sweet Greg could speak about it.


My husband worked with Chris.
This has been a difficult week for us...Greg is amazing and such an inspiration to us all!



Greg Laurie is one of my favorite people...I have listened to his messages for many years.
I was so sad to hear the news last week via email from Harvest.
The fact that he was given the strength to get up and share last weekend was amazing. The Lord is truly the strength of that families life!

Your blog is great...I am glad I found it!

Be Inspired,

The Beautiful Life

SOOOO sorry to hear this. Greg Laurie is such a man of God and to know that he & his wife are going through this is just heartbreaking. We always "know" with our heads that we aren't going to be here forever (or our loved ones) but somehow I don't think we really, truly grasp it -- until it happens. And even then, we somehow go on and begin to go back to living again -- until it happens again. I wonder if we just simply never really 'grasp' it here on this side...the fact that this earth is not our home. Our church family had a similar tragedy a couple of months ago. The very day after Mother's Day, our pastor and his 13 year old son were killed when his single-engine plane crashed into the side of a mountain in N.C., immediately plunging thousands upon thousands around the nation into the icy-cold reality that we are NOT citizens of this world and that our lives --- each of ours -- is but a vapor. Live each day with this in mind. Don't, don't don't sqaunder even one mili-second. You NEVER know at what second you will be face to face with Him. That fact is not to be feared, but you must be prepared for it. And, while here, live so as to leave those left behind more legacy than loss...

mallory Heffron

I love visiting your site and I just watched the video from your pastor. What an awesome man and what awesome words he had for us. Thank you for sharing that with me.


Such tragic news. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

paige pastor was out in california last week & sunday he shared about greg's son. i knew it had to be your same pastor. unreal...what a heartbreaking story.
i need to go NOW & read his story. you are obviously so blessed to be a part of his ministry.

PaperCutting Kind of Day

Oh, we have been praying for them! I can't even imagine! My heart has been broken for them to even have to walk through this but there is always that remaining truth that "GOD IS OUR STRENGTH"!

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